Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Challenge #20

I know, I know... I'm falling behind again. I have a good excuse... I was getting ready to go to an AMAZING scrapbook retreat! Thanks so much, Aunty Anita, for all your hard work in planning it, and to the rest of my crop circle, the Scrappy Ladies, for their parts. We had a blast! I might post some photos later, if I find some that don't make us look too goofy.

So, challenge 20 was to Make your own Patterned Paper.

The paper turned out pretty neat, don't you think? Here's what we came up with:

Marlene: Used watercolours, of course... it's her specialty! :) Laura: I tried my hand at acrylic paint on stamps, since Aunty Anita brought a fantastic collection of paint with her to Kelowna, and Alison supplied her foam stamps. I have since started my own collection of paint, as I've discovered that they are dirt cheap at our local dollar store. Woohoo... score!
Carrie: Mom used a roller and her ink pads to make this really cool background and then her rubber stamps along the border.

Anita: Paint... looks amazing! What more can I say?
Alison: Used these totally cute little Christmas tree stamps. Very uniformly, I might add! :)

Pretty neat, hey? Any one of these pages would be tempting if I saw it on the shelf of the scrapbook store. I think we've discovered a new way to stretch our supplies, don't you?

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