Saturday, March 28, 2015


I was late with the March challenges, so I'm making sure that I'm not late with April's.  Although many of us are very far behind.  

The photo sizes marked in these challenges are suggestions only.  You determine the size of your pictures.

Challenge #1 - a mood or colour challenge:


Carrie had the perfect pictures to do this rainy day challenge!

so did Marlene:

Challenge #2

Anita S= stencilled camera;  T=tag; E=embossed camera; N=date numbers; C=camera; I=ink; L=label holder on drawer:



Carrie: S - Stencil, stamp and scrap papers; T - Tag; E - Envelope; N - Numbers; C - Circles: I - Ink and L -Lighthouses.

Marion says:  I used items from my stash. To spell the word STENCIL
S - snowflake T - tag (3 round ones) E - embellishments ( eyelet, brads, fibres) N - "n" the sticker
C - card ( this snowman was scrap lifted from a card Carrie sent me; that she made) I - ink
(Carrie inked/coloured on the snowman) L - lights ( the string of lights, above the ink, on the snowman)
A stretch I know but all from my "stash". Thanks, Carrie for helping me complete this challenge! It was fun!

Marlene  S=scissors; T=teddy bear; E=envelope; N=stamped numbers; C=chalk board; I=ink; L=letters:

Challenge #3


Carrie:  Three of us especially love this vintage page because our mother is the pretty woman in the black and white polka dot dress.  Another one of us loves it because her pretty mother is seated at the bottom left in the group picture!  These are the women who lived on our street when we were children.


 Challenge #4





Challenge #5




Sunday, March 8, 2015


Please forgive me for being so late with these.  Between a busy work week and discussing this year's scrapbook retreat, I totally forgot!   I hope you like this month's challenges!

CHALLENGE #1 - Choose a vertical or horizontal line for your layout.  If you feel like you have lots of time (or pictures) you could choose a second line and do a double layout.

Anita chose a horizontal line of: arrow, enamel dots, file folder and three photos:


Carrie chose the horizontal line of: arrow, enamel dots, free space, file folder and three photos.

Marion chose the horizontal line with stick pin, one photo, tag, graph paper and treat bag:

Marlene chose the horizontal line with Polka Dot paper, Polaroid pictures, Wood Veneers, Sequins and Stickers:

CHALLENGE #2 - do you have any left over Valentine pictures to do?  Or, wedding pictures?




CHALLENGE #3 - Mood Board.  You can choose colours, mood, pattern or theme from this one.  There seem to be several themes going here - spring, romance, things that make you happy, or calm and relaxed.  Bottom left corner even suggests a heritage page or use of antiques.

Anita:  The bottom vintage portion of the mood board inspired me to use a heritage photo.  The romantic feel of this mood board worked well with a wedding photo.  The tiny flowers on my background were a bit too bright so I painted it first with gesso and that gave me a lighter background to use the postal stamps in the top left and bottom right.  And I couldn't resist adding a bit of lace, the butterfly and heart-shaped envelope.

Marlene:  I chose this delicate background paper for the flowers, birds and music shown in the mood board.  I saw a book in the Mood board, so tried to focus on books. For the poem in the mood board I quoted a line from Darlene's Mom, that she signed in my guest book. In the bottom photo Darlene is signing my Guest book.




CHALLENGE #5:  another challenge borrowed from Scrap our Stash.

Anita used W= washi tape; A= arrows; S= stencilled clock; H= heart doily and I= inked stamp.  These are pictures of co-workers the day we moved into our new building.

 Marlene:  W=Waterfalls; A=Arrow; S=Scallop edging on matting, stickers, stones; H=Hummingbird stickers; I=Index cards.