Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge #23

Make Your Own Buttons:

This challenge was A LOT OF FUN! Basically, because week 23 started on the same Friday that our retreat started, so we made a group decision to do this challenge together.

Aunty Anita brought some Paper Clay and her extension array of acrylic paints, and we had a in-service (so to speak). It was actually really easy to work with the paper clay, using an ordinary rolling pin and teeny little cookie cutters. It dries overnight, but remains quite pliable, and it feels really neat between your fingers. Definitely a neat project to try with your kids. :)

Here's what we came up with, some you have to look hard to find the buttons, but they are there, I promise!

Carrie: Anita:

Alison: (These are the ones you have to squint at... there are three tiny orange buttons on the layout)

The best thing, aside from learning a clever new technique, is that we all made so many buttons that we ended up with extras. I'm looking for the perfect place to use them again. This one was a great challenge!

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