Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Challenge 25

Create an Inspiration Journal:

So far, not too much enthusiasm for this particular project! I think we're all a bit tired of the mini album challenges that keep cropping up. But, this one's an ongoing project so maybe down the road we'll all have books brimming with neat ideas and inspirations. Here's what we've come up with so far:

Please keep reading... I've edited it since originally posting it to add my Aunt's crazy cool inspiration journal!
... and a second edit to add my other Aunt's journal, now the first set of photos. Wow... I am impressed! :)


Marion's Journal: Laura: Basically... a binder. A place to put things that I want to use later. I tried decorating it fancy, but that's not my strong suit. So, it'll probably be pretty organized and not terribly creative.

A makeshift Pocket Page to put clippings or photos or whatever in.

My first entry, the directions on making a kaleidoscope page.

Mom's gone with the binder concept too... only she has a way cooler binder than me. I always coveted zipper binders when I was in school. They still appeal to me!


Wow! All I can say is --- I'm inspired by that! :)

Challenge 24

Design with White Cardstock:

Now this one I can do! We went back to the basics with this one and scrapbooked the way I started out... on a plain background. Every once in a while it's good to revisit your roots! :)

Marlene's Layout: Marion's Layout:

Laura's Layout:
Carrie's Layout: (Yup, last week's was such a masterpiece it did double duty!) :)
Anita's Layout: (and yes, this is me a zillion years ago!)
Alison's Layout: (a title page for the album she started --- and finished --- at our retreat! Show off!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Retreat Challenge

Here's a bonus challenge for you! At our retreat we brought each person a strip of punch out borders and embellishments that Mom and I had picked up at the Creative Memories National Scrapbook Day we'd attended in May. We challenged everyone to use it on a layout sometime over the weekend so that we could compare what everyone's interpretations was and vote for our favourite. The prize, donated by my Dad, was a $20 gift card to Tim Horton's --- which I am sure Alison will enjoy with her daughters! :)

Anita: Jennifer:




Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge #23

Make Your Own Buttons:

This challenge was A LOT OF FUN! Basically, because week 23 started on the same Friday that our retreat started, so we made a group decision to do this challenge together.

Aunty Anita brought some Paper Clay and her extension array of acrylic paints, and we had a in-service (so to speak). It was actually really easy to work with the paper clay, using an ordinary rolling pin and teeny little cookie cutters. It dries overnight, but remains quite pliable, and it feels really neat between your fingers. Definitely a neat project to try with your kids. :)

Here's what we came up with, some you have to look hard to find the buttons, but they are there, I promise!

Carrie: Anita:

Alison: (These are the ones you have to squint at... there are three tiny orange buttons on the layout)

The best thing, aside from learning a clever new technique, is that we all made so many buttons that we ended up with extras. I'm looking for the perfect place to use them again. This one was a great challenge!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Challenge #22

Scraplift a Journalling Style:

Another scraplift one, but at least we had enough of a break between them that this one didn't feel all that redundant. This was fairly easy, we chose layouts from the book that we liked and we copied the journalling. They all turned out pretty cool, in my opinion.

Here's what we came up with for this particular week.

Laura: (You can barely read the journalling, but it's there on the left side of the page on the torn paper.)
Carrie: (Again, barely readable, but she used the word "fantastic" over and over again in her scraplift).