Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Challenge #33

This challenge was a hard one. Document yourself. I see the importance of documenting who we are at any one point in time, because it's not something we normally do. It's much easier to scrapbook photos of everyone else than it is to scrapbook oneself. It's also not always the easiest thing to do to go through your photos looking for a picture of that you like, especially when you're always the one behind the camera. But we did it, and I like what we've come up with.

Anita's Layout: Carrie's Layout:

Laura's Layout:

Marlene's Layout:

Challenge #32

This one was a neat one. The challenge was to "Play with photo proportions", which I think we all did a good job of doing.

Marlene's layout:
Carrie's Layout: She printed a photo of a previous layout done by Anita (look familiar?) to base her layout on. I think it turned out cool... both the original and Mom's version.
Anita's layouts:

My layout:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Challenge #31

Celebrate a great person. Everyone knows someone that touches them in some way and this was our chance to scrapbook that person (or persons).

Marlene's Layouts:

Anita - chose to showcase her whole family --- guess she couldn't play favourites! :)Carrie made a stained glass layout of her oldest grandson playing soccer...and I guess I'm just a big 'ol copycat, because here's my son playing soccer on my layout as well!

Now, I have to do a layout of my other son and my daughter too, so I don't look like I'm playing favourites, either.

Challenge #30

Challenge 30 was to digitally alter a photograph, which some of us struggled with and others went crazy on. The effects were great, though, and it's fun to see what each one's interpretation of this is. Here's what's come in so far...

Marlene: Her layout of Anna McKee, the grandmother that they never had a chance to get to know.Laura: My layout of Canada Day. I wanted the focus to be on RED only, so I stripped the colour of my photos and then repainted the red back in. Cool look but took forever, so not really worth the effects.

Carrie - Mom's collage of her sister, Marlene. She had SO much fun doing this layout... which you can see in the photos.
Anita's Layouts (another one who had fun with this project):

Challenge #29

This challenge was a thought-provoking one. It was all about journalling an unexpected turn in your life. We each chose to interpret that differently, and I think we each came up with some beautiful, memorable layouts.

Alison:Marlene: Laura:
Anita: (I love that song, by the way!)

Challenge #28

Document a Day in your Life:

This was a FUN one! At least for me it was. When you take a look at your life step by step, the mundane things you take for granted almost seem important (and photoworthy).

Here's Alison's challenge - I love the fact that she printed all the photos in black and white. It makes it look like it's a memory from the past. Here's Aunty Anita's Layout --- notice how her dogs figure prominently in her life!
And here's Aunty Marlene's Layout --- just by looking at it you can see that she leads an eclectic, creative type of life!

And my Mom's "day in the life" (Carrie). I LOVE the shots of Tim Horton's. I think that's great --- and so honest!

And a day in my life --- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was positively gleeful as I chronicled the bloody, broken, messy evening that we had. Sadly, I don't think there was anything all that different about this particular day. I just slowed down long enough to savor it.

The front two pages of my layout take me through my morning and work day.And then 5:00 to bedtime --- ended up being a four-pager!
With an accordian fold insert recording the number of times I have to shoo my son back to bed.

Loved this challenge!