Thursday, February 26, 2009

The olden days...

Challenge for February 27th to March 4th (or so, we've been pretty flexible on deadlines)

Okay, here's one, if you're game... this week go on a scavenger hunt through your scrapbooking space and use a tool from "the olden days" that you bought when you first started scrapbooking and, at the time, just had to have. For me this would be a punch or Fisker's scissors, or a gold pen, a die-cut... hehehe the possibilities are endless!

Bonus points if you use more than one and manage to keep your layout from looking dated! :)

Marlene: This is my first attempt at " a challenge scrapbooking" by e-mail. I found the project sorta easy, as I'm still using the older tools, and templates. I find the journalising the hardest. Since these photos were taken, I filled in comments on left page, about Leona's 5th Birthday, and coloured in her name in gift box, oh and put grey crayon on balloon strings. Acid free crayons, by the way.

Carrie: I used the first idea in a Fast Formulas book ( 2000), a precut triangle, my original corner rounder and my first pen set. I have been cleaning out a file cabinet and came across my list of prices for items to make a costume so that I could figure out a price for the costume. Anyway, a piece of paper (journalling) from 1988 that didn't make it to the garbage.

Laura: I can't remember when I bought this tool, a book of templates that I absolutely had to have. Fast forward a few years... And I pulled it out of my template box, brand new. I really needed it badly, huh? :)

Alex's Layout: His "old" tools are all my old stickers that I never used, or only used a part of the strip. He also gets my photo leftovers, the ones I printed that didn't make it into my layouts. For now, he's perfectly happy with that.

Love and Laughter

This challenge is scraplifted off of a site Alison googled

They issued their challenge in celebration of "Love Makes the World Go Round, But Laughter Keeps us from Getting Dizzy" week (never heard of it myself). We thought this would make a great theme for a Valentine's week challenge.

Alison's Layout: Carrie's Layout:

Laura's Layout:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Creative Memories freebies...

This challenge is pretty basic, grab one of those freebies you got as a "thank you" from a Creative Memories Consultant (you know, the paper, sticker one page pack thingy) and do a layout with it.

Alison's Layout: Laura's Layout:

Carrie's Layout:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sadly neglected...

As I was updating my regular blog today, I felt a little guilt about how long it's been since I've posted on this one. I'm not sure anyone actually reads this one, but who knows... maybe someday some disillusioned housewife will google scrapbooking and housework, and will get sent to our little world. Maybe not! Regardless...

We haven't completed any challenges in a long, long while. Our group kind of died. I'd love to get the momentum going again, starting with myself, but for now we're taking a rest. I phoned my Mom a few nights ago and said "My kids are all in bed... let's scrapbook" so we decided to both complete a Christmas Layout, using only one sheet of paper, and check back with each other at 11pm for a progress report. It was fun. Even though we're in different towns, it still felt like we were cropping together.

Here's what I managed to complete, nothing too fancy, but I haven't pulled out my tools in a while, so I have to ease back in slowly! ;)

And here's half of Mom's double layout --- not quite finished, but I gave her less than two hours to do it, so I'm proud of her!

And, just because I can... here's the latest page I've done using my Heritage Makers studio (my consultant website is . I'm loving the digital scrapbooking... no mess, no fuss, and I can work for 10 minutes at time and then walk away without having to worry about whose sticky fingerprints might get all over my layouts!

It's not complete, but should be in about 3.5 more months!