Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenge #2

Challenge #2 - Draw inspiration from media: Alison found her layout idea in this magazine photo:
Anita: Also used a magazine photo as the basis for her inspired layout:

Carrie: Used the cover of a cardmaking manual to create her layout:
Laura: Well, I didn't take a photo of my inspiration, but it was a page out of our Union quarterly newsletter. It was a circle, surrounding a second circle, with words written across the middle, somewhat like the left-hand side of my layout.

Marion took her layout right out of the newspaper. Brrr!
Marlene used a poem (about trees) as the inspiration for her layout.

Challenge #1

Challenge #1 - Get inspired by an outfit ... Marlene - if you look closely, you can see the fabric in the background that Marlene used as the inspiration for this layout. Marion: Can't really see it too well, but the lacy background that Marion used is inspired by the crocheted outfit she is wearing in the photo.
Laura - I used the colour of my daughter's Easter outfit, and the lacy ruffle of her socks, to create the background for this layout.
Carrie - Carrie was inspired by the pattern on her new sweater.

Anita - Anita used the lace on these bridesmaids' dresses as inspiration for the design of her layout.

She also did a second layout using the bride-to-be's crown as inspiration.
Alison: Alison fashioned her layout out of this beautiful dress.

2011 --- better late than never!

This year our challenges are taken directly from "52 MORE Scrapbooking Challenges", the sequel to our beloved 2010 book by Elsie. The book is by Elizabeth Kartchner, and if you're not one of our group and just stumbled across this blog accidentally, then I would encourage you to pick up a copy of this one. The layouts in the book make it well worth the purchase price and it's a great addition to a scrapbooking library. Besides... if you're hanging around waiting for me to update this blog to get your weekly challenge ideas, you could be in for a long wait. I think I've proven that my track record for punctuality isn't all that great! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Challenge 52

Challenge 52 - Make your own embellished ribbon: Marlene (thoroughly having enjoyed this challenge--- she did it several times!)


Challenge 51

Challenge 51 - Fill a Background: Alison: Anita:

Challeng 50

First, let me draw your attention to our new ticker!!! I'm so excited, can't wait! Now, challenge 50 (of last year, yeah...): "Just tell a great story!" Well, looks like some of us are little long-winded in our story-telling... Haha! Marlene:




and Alison's sideways layout again... Maybe it's her camera?