Monday, May 24, 2010

Challenge #19

C'mon... enough of the "scraplift a" challenges, already! Maybe it's just me (I think not), but doesn't scraplift a layout shape sound remarkably similar to some of it's predecessors? Layout idea, page design... etc.

Anyway, if the pages hadn't turned out so cool, I would have called this one a bust, but here are our interpretations!

Aren't we talented???

Anita's Layout Shape:

Carrie's Layout Shape:
Her inspiration from Canadian Scrapbooker magazine...
Her absolutely adorable page of my daughter's most recent second birthday.
And then this sweet title page she made at the National Scrapbook Day we attended last weekend. It's done using the new Creative Memories Circle cutting template.
Laura's Layout Shape:
My inspiration came from Becky's Sketches. Lots of my inspiration comes from there. I have 3 versions of the book...
"Baby's First St. Patrick's Day"
Marion's Layout Shape:
Marlene's Layout Shape:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenge 18

Last post for the day and then I'm caught up (for another 5 weeks).

Last week's challenge, challenge 18, was another scraplifting one. Struck me as very similar to it's predecessors, but the end is in sight. One more scraplift one this week and then on to a new set of ideas.
So, here's what we came up with for 18 - Scraplift a Page Design
Marlene:Laura:Carrie: scraplifted Marlene's! :)Anita:

Challenge 17

Challenge 17 - Scraplift an Alphabetical Approach

This was a fun one. Took a bit of thinking. Here's what we came up with for our alphabet pages:
Marlene - P

Alison -W Anita - M

Carrie (or Grandma as we call her around here) - G

Laura - A (I still have to do a "C" page and a "K" page)

Marion - W

Challenge 16

Challenge 16 - Scraplift a Topic

I'm ready to move on from all these "scraplift a..." challenges. But, despite the similarity in the challenges, we're still managing to do some incredibly different layouts. Here's what "topics" we stole this week! :)

Anita's Layouts:

Marlene (my first camera): Marion (grandpuppies):

Laura (One moment):

Carrie (flowers - scraplifted from Marlene's earlier mini-album)

Alison (party):

and her inspiration...

Challenge 15

Challenge 15 - Scraplift a Layout Idea

I think we all had fun with this one. Lots of colour!

Anita's Layouts (what charming children, wherever did she find such adorable subjects?)

Alison's Layout (Okay, here kids are pretty darn charming, too)

Carrie's Layout (hey, there's those cute kids again...)
Mom branched out and used a Becky's Sketches layout for her inspiration. We LOVE Becky's Sketches, should you be in the market for a fabulous tool. Alison introduced us to them several years ago and we haven't run out of uses for the books.

Laura's Layout: I've gotten a bit lazy, the past few weeks I've been doing my challenges digitally because I'm too lazy to clean off my desk. Seriously, that's my pathetic excuse! :)
Marion's Layout: Okay, her kids used to be cute too...

Marlene's Layout:

Challenge 14

Well, now I've fallen so far behind on this blog, I can't really maintain it! :P Here's challenge 14. We're on 19 this week, so apparently I'm 5 weeks behind. Not sure where those 5 weeks have gone...

Challenge 14 was Scraplift a Technique

Here's what we did with it...

The technique: Stitching

Marlene Anita


The technique: Bargello
Laura and Carrie - we did ours together.

The idea from Creative Paper Techniques for Scrapbooks
"The Aftermath"
What we finished before Mom had to head home.
Carrie's finished layout

My finished layout