Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenge 15

Challenge 15 - Scraplift a Layout Idea

I think we all had fun with this one. Lots of colour!

Anita's Layouts (what charming children, wherever did she find such adorable subjects?)

Alison's Layout (Okay, here kids are pretty darn charming, too)

Carrie's Layout (hey, there's those cute kids again...)
Mom branched out and used a Becky's Sketches layout for her inspiration. We LOVE Becky's Sketches, should you be in the market for a fabulous tool. Alison introduced us to them several years ago and we haven't run out of uses for the books.

Laura's Layout: I've gotten a bit lazy, the past few weeks I've been doing my challenges digitally because I'm too lazy to clean off my desk. Seriously, that's my pathetic excuse! :)
Marion's Layout: Okay, her kids used to be cute too...

Marlene's Layout:

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