Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4... Still Going Strong!

I am LOVING the enthusiasm! It feels good to be scrapbooking regularly, even if some of us are only producing one layout a week. Some others are flying through them, and making up for my lack of enthusiasm (time, inspiration, whatever you want to call my creative slump...)

Here is challenge #4: Make your own: Chipboard Accents

A couple of us are new to chipboard, so we weren't completely sure what it entailed. Alison was kind enough to provide this explanation:

"Chipboard is like thin cardboard, but with no corrugation. To get some that’s acid free, just use what come in with your page protectors and pages from creative memories and lots of stickers and embellishments use it for their backing to. The stuff you buy labeled chipboard is usually thicker, but it’s really hard to work with if you have to cut out your own shape, it’s easier to just double up on the stuff you would already have if you want that thick look. "
Carrie's Layout:

Marlene's Layouts: (again, sorry about the weird rotation, blogger did it automatically and I don't know how to fix it)
Marion's Layout:
Laura's Layout:
Anita's Layout:
Alison's Layout:

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