Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week #3

Challenge #3 "Customize a Ribbon Border"

Okay, this one was fun for some of us. I think pretty much everyone but me. My layout took me 5 nights to complete it. I kept moving things around and deciding I didn't like it. It didn't help that my kids kept dumping my layout on the floor --- grrr... hence the wrinkled appearance on some of the card stock if you look closely. In the end, it looks completely different than I intended, but it's pretty cute.

So, this one was a success, as well. And everyone finished early this week. It got us thinking outside of the box, and I think the layouts turned out beautifully! :)

Anita's Layout:
Marlene's Layout:

Marion's Layout:

Carrie's Layout:

Alison's Layout:
Laura's Layout:

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