Saturday, December 26, 2009

52 Scrapbooking Challenges

A New Year's Resolution is always a good thing to make this time of year... :)

I resolve to complete (at a minimum) one scrapbook layout a week in 2010. This won't get me past my backlog, nor will it likely keep me caught up... but it might inspire me enough that I can keep my creative juices flowing. At the very least, by the end of the year I will have done 52 layouts, which is more than I accomplished this year!

To help with this, Mom and I purchased Christmas gifts, completely on a whim, and mailed a copy to every member of our disorganized little group. 52 Scrapbooking Challenges, by Elsie Flannigan, about which I got spammed a few weeks ago. I thought "Hey, that gives me an idea!" So I phoned Mom and said, "Should we order 6 copies?" She, being an impulse shopper like me, agreed to the brilliance and we have sat, on pins and needles, waiting for our shipment to arrive. The books trickled in via three separate parcels, Mom and I receiving our copies just Christmas Eve.

We included a New Year's card we'd made up, with the following poem:

There once were two women up north,
Who had scrapbooking pals of such worth,
They bought six of one book,
Without even a look,
To start January 1st (or the fourth).

All six love this hobby, that's true,
But all lacked motivation to do,
So, here is the scoop,
That to crop as a group,
Always helps them follow through!

So they'll crop, in two thousand ten,
It's only one challenge per week then,
If six creative women,
Get their wheels spinnin’,
That's 312 layouts complet-en!

Merry Christmas, 2009!
Love Carrie and Laura

Okay, maybe it's a little unpolished and I had to stretch the English language a bit to make it rhyme, but whatever! I'm excited to start the challenges as is Mom and Marion. And Anita actually already has (cheater!) so wish us luck! Maybe we'll get the ball rolling again in 2010.

Laura :)

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