Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Day of School Challenge

Well, ladies, here's another attempt to get us all scrapbooking again! We had such a blast at our retreat on the May Long Weekend, that I thought for sure I would have the momentum to get moving --- and who knows, maybe finish my daughter's baby book before she starts school! :)

So... Mom was over last weekend and we were chatting about our collective lack of motivation or inspiration (or simple busyness) that is keeping us from creating. I got this email the next day:

"Yesterday I issued a very simple challenge for Laura and I, and I have asked her to come up with a challenge for me next Thursday.

I am going to do a one-page challenge of Alex's first day at kindergarten. Laura may do hers online until we girls get serious again. If Alison or Marlene are interested they could do a first day of school or back to school.

Let's make time to preserve our memories!

Miss you all. Carrie"

So... Aunty Marlene was the first to climb back on the wagon! Here's her beautiful layout of my cousins when they were kids!

Marlene's Layout:

And my oldest, who just this past month has officially become a Kindergartener, sigh! Where did the past 5 years go? I certainly didn't spend them scrapbooking... :)

Laura's Layout:

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