Thursday, September 20, 2007

Challenge for the week of September 21-27

For those of you not travelling, here is my idea for this week.... I'll probably be the one that finds it the most difficult.

Using as many photos as you need, and depending upon the size of photos you choose, create two or more rows of stacked building blocks (per page). The individual blocks shouldn't be totally photos, but should include some plain coloured paper so it doesn't look too busy. It is up to you whether you put animals or a letter of the alphabet on your blocks - you may choose to spell something with the letters on your blocks instead of putting a title on the page (your choice).

If you think two pages of building block towers is too much ~ you can make a mobile with your blocks on the right page (like you would hang over a baby's crib).


Carrie's Layout:
Laura's Layout:

Anita's Layout:
Alison's Layout:

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