Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Challenge for the week of September 14th to the 20th

Carrie - "Al issued a couple challenges. Even I won't be doing the first one. He suggested scrapbooking a layout 500 miles from home. fun.n.e.e.e

He has never liked my square corners so another suggestion is rounded corners. The pictures have to work for this, although I do forget to consider it."

How about I "enhance" Dad's suggestion for a challenge. Next week use "round" in your layout. I'm not sure we all have corner rounders so his is not necessarily the easiest idea. So... you could "round your corners" as Dad suggested, or you could use a piece of paper with a round pattern on it, round stickers, brads or eyelets, cut a picture into a circle or oval shape, etc... the possibilities are endless! ;)

This week, let's think round.

Happy Scrapping,

Carrie's Layout:

Anita's Layout:
Laura's Layout:
Alison's Layout:

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