Friday, August 10, 2012

Challenge 30 - July 22 - 28

Aichewouwa!!   What happened to the Scrappy Ladies?  Thank goodness Marlene has kept these challenges going.  Marlene, I promise to catch up... but I can't speak for the rest of the group. 

Marion has been nursing Paul back to health 3 months now since his motorcycle accident.  Before that she and daughter, Stacey, spent 6 weeks backpacking through Great Britain!  Carrie was keeping caught up until they left for a 2+ month vacation touring a vast majority of the United States.   Laura is finding time to herself a rare commodity with a full-time job, busy children and one soon to become the fourth addition to their family (3 months left).  Alison, too, is a busy mom working full-time and commuting to work.    I have just returned from a family reunion in Cochrane, Alberta ~ my husband's father's side of the family and have a whole new batch of pictures to scrap!




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