Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Challenge 13

This week's challenge was to do a "Mini Album" of "my favourite saying". As you can see, none of us did! What can I say? We did a mini-album challenge 3 weeks ago, we don't need one again so soon.

So... group consensus led us to the decision to do our own thing this week... some of us continued our mini-albums from week 10, some of us did layouts, one of us did this really cool canvas wall hanging... and a couple of us have yet to submit their week 13.

(Like how I can make our group of 6 sound really, really big?)

Here's Aunty Marlene's continuation of her mini-album...

Here's Marion's amazingly funky canvas!

Here's my mini-album... well, the next three pages, anyway...

And Aunty Anita did some neat stuff around her dogs "pet names". I guess she gets bonus marks for actually attempting her "favourite sayings"!

And on to week 14... we have now finished one quarter of the book... one quarter of 2010... where does the time go? Oh yeah, we're spending it SCRAPBOOKING! Yay!

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