Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just Do a Layout!

Yay! Both babies had overlapping naps today so Alex and I had some time to do art... he painted and I scrapbooked a page in my new, not blue, baby book! So I figured I'd try again to breathe some life into our group again. Alison's Challenge for April was to "just do a layout". She issued it several weeks ago but I never passed on the message. Today I did a layout for the first time in months (February's challenge of hearts)! It's very, very simple but it's going to get me going again. I also started my March layout but Kirstin woke up so it'll have to wait. So... everyone "just do a layout", that's your challenge for this week. I'll send a photo of the pages I did later when both of my hands are free. I've kept the website up to date so far but it's looking pretty sad for this year! ;)

Anyone who needs a little more of a push... here's a couple of suggestions from "Becky's Sketches":

Happy Scrapping!

Carrie's Layout:

Laura's Layout:

Anita's Layout:

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