Friday, January 25, 2008

January Challenge...

Courtesy of Laura's Cricut Machine...

Okay, enough delay! We all had lovely, busy Decembers and now we should get back on track! At least, I need to! So I'm sending out a reminder that we should restart our challenges. My goal for January was to finish Connor's baby book... well now it's nearing the end of January and I'm thinking that I should maybe finish it in February! At least... before I have to start a third baby book anyway!

So... the first challenge of 2008 is to dig out that envelope that you received in the mail. Mom and I cut some die cuts for you and your challenge is to use them to complete a layout. Sounds simple enough! I'm going to use mine to scrapbook Connor's First Christmas. I've been putting off this email because I haven't taken a picture to show you how to assemble the die cuts, because I haven't assembled mine yet... but if we wait until I do that, I'll be cropping Connor's first Christmas in February. They're fairly straight forward, anyway, but if you need some hints, I'll try and glue mine together tonight and send you a photo tomorrow.

Let's start out slowly because Marion's out of town and Alison just moved into her new place and hasn't unpacked her scrapbook stuff... so let's make this one our "January challenge" and then in February get back onto the weekly bandwagon!

Any one with me?


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