Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Challenge #2 - For the week of August 31st to September 6th

This next challenge has been issued to us by Carrie:

"This challenge, should you decide to accept, is to have a black page opposite a white one. Use some black on the white and vice versa to have the transition look right.

I am thinking possibibly past to present or black and white photo(s) to colour. You can use a coloured paper as well."

I'm thinking, also, that "BC and Alberta Croppers" is pretty darn boring and doesn't really reflect us... any ideas for a better title for this webpage? I'd welcome them!

Have fun this week... can't wait to see the pages!

Alison's Pages:

Anita's Pages:

Laura's Pages: and Alex's pages (hee hee)...

Marion's Pages:

Carrie's Pages:


Anita said...

Challenge accepted [must go shopping], although you'll remember I'm camping in the boonies with horses and dogs this weekend.

Name ideas? ScrapAddictsAnonymous?

Laura Freeman said...

Okay, Scrapbooking Beats Housework is hilarious... I'm leaning to that one... hee hee...